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Current projects include the following:

1. A video and sound recording of unaccompanied Bach violin works. Enthusiastic and personal readings of these timeless compositions, which have formed the backdrop of David's study and playing since his teenage years.

Bach video taster

2. CD of British 20th-century violin music by the Meiningen Ensemble Duo (David Milsom & Jonathan Gooing): Elgar Violin Sonata op. 82, Rubbra Violin Sonata, and Walton's A minor Sonata. The Elgar sonata reflects my love for British music, and the Walton was dedicated to the former wife of one of my violin teachers, Martin Milner.

Elgar video taster

3. CD of Brahms Viola Sonatas op. 120. These recordings introduce an instrument made for David by Sheffield luthier John Cockburn. David experiments with integrating aspects of historically-informed performing practice with the use of modern instruments, bringing together traditionally separated concepts of HIP and mainstream performance.

4. CD of Baltic music in which Arvo Pärt’s Fratres will be included as a personal favourite, and upon request from the recording producer and engineer, James Bacon.

5. CD of Niels Gade Piano Trio in F op. 64, Felix Mendelssohn Piano Trio in D minor op. 49, and Franz Schubert Piano Trio in B-flat op. 99, with Jonathan Gooing and George Kennaway – as the Meiningen Ensemble Trio. The works represent a marriage of modern instruments and historically-informed style, which is not necessarily contemporaneous with the work’s composition (the traditional HIP assumption). The Schubert trio is influenced directly by the seminal 1926 recording of Casals, Thibaud and Cortot. The disc represents an attempt to incorporate HIP ideas in a flexible, present-day-sensitive and innovative way.

6. A text to be co-edited with George Kennaway, looking at ‘Current Controversies in Historical Performance’. This is likely to include chapters and sections illustrating a range of responses to and attitudes towards the performance of historical music.

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